About Logo

Shree Kuberji Builders Logo signifies the Ultimate purpose and Single-most aim of world class development of commercial projects for every kind of users.

It represents the development of 3D space (shown by Building) with a auspicious RED and ORANGE color which bringing good luck. Everything that we do has to be in accordance with the larger benefit of our Society, Environment, and the People of India.

We, at Shree Kuberji Builders value Team Spirit and consider each employee a member of the Shree Kuberji Builders Family. As extension to our Eternal Mission, the logo is shaped as a Square, signifying Stability through Teamwork.
The Logo signifies our everlasting commitment to the nation in whatever we do. This is who we are and what you can depend upon.


An award-winning international practice covering architecture, planning and industrial design in all major sectors, we breath life into buildings through beautiful form and function.


OUR Objective

Shree Kuberji Builders will continuously strive to achieve high standards through the use of advanced technology and the latest know-how to benefit customers or employees. It will innovate and thrive on challenges and accomplishments.

Strategic Location

Our apartments are located close to the nature. Spread across 3.5 acres this place helps you in having a healthy living amidst the nature.

Best Construction

We are one among such real estate companies who maintain high safety and construction standards.

Dedicated support

It is often said that housing is as good as its facilities. we present you with the best kind of amenities at our gated community.

Quality Control 

We have our in-house, soils and construction-materials laboratory to test soil, rock, Cement and concrete which validated to perform materials.

We analyze construction materials to see that products perform as designed. Soils, aggregates, rock, Portland cement concrete, mortar, grouts, masonry products, and RCC.

While these materials are commonly used in our constructed environment, many factors can affect its end performance, quality and ability to satisfy design – such as experience of the contractor, local materials and methods of construction.

Focus On Customers

Shree Kuberji Builders is aware that delivering better customer satisfaction than its competitors is essential for sustained success. Everything the company does is aimed at delighting customers and ensuring their loyalty over the long term.