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About Shree Kuberji Group

Shree Kuberji Builders is one of leading real estate companies in Surat, Gujarat state and is rapidly emerging as a tough competitor in real estate development sector in India. Within a few years since its inception, Shree Kuberji Builders have really etched its presence in the property market with its top class developmental projects. It started with a humble beginning with a few projects in Surat and nearby locations, but has rapidly emerged into a leading builder with numerous projects in best location

Their team comprises of experienced personnel with great expertise in construction sector and allied areas. They have earned great appreciation for their projects situated in posh localities. With the successful construction as well as promotion of different projects, Shree Kuberji Builders has really grown into a reliable real estate developer group and has earned much goodwill and confidence of its customers.

Project name with location of commercial projects of this builder

Shree Kuberji Builders has successfully carried out a number of projects in prime locations in Surat. New Bombay Market,Annapurna Market,Shree Kuberji House,Shree Kuberji Empire,Shree Kuberji Park 1-2,Shree Kuberji Plaza,SHree Kuberji Silk,Shree Kuberji Square,Super Tex Tower,Tapti Ganga located on Ring Road, Surat. are some of leading commercial projects of this builder which is especially designed by their experienced personnel to suit modern day requirements. This project is creatively conceptualized to suit all requisites of modern day customers. It is strategically located in a business locality.

Specifications of commercial property

This commercial project is provided with finest facilities suiting contemporary requirements such as central air-conditioning, eco-friendly features, 100% power backup, proper ventilation, fire protection and security system, elevators, etc. Finest architectural facilities are provided in projects to ensure utmost levels of convenience. Great attention has been given to details so as to fulfill each and every requirement of customers residing in nearby locations. Numerous retail shops, showrooms, food courts, etc. are available at this shopping center along with facilities for recreation to ensure best shopping experience to customers

Strategic Location

Our apartments are located close to the nature. Spread across 3.5 acres this place helps you in having a healthy living amidst the nature.

Best Construction

We are one among such real estate companies who maintain high safety and construction standards.

Dedicated support

It is often said that housing is as good as its facilities. Believing the same we present you with the best kind of amenities at our gated community.

Our Journey

Shree Kuberji Builders - journey

What we Offer

Initial design meetings

Initial design meetings with the customers to plan every detail of their individual property. We finalize the design prior to the starting of the walls.

Fully dedicated 24/7 customer support

Precise legal documents will be handed over to the owner of the individual property along with the sale agreement.

Visits to the construction

Visits to the construction site with a prior appointment to oversee how the individual property or the entire venture is coming up.

Over the Web

Over the Web each individual property owner would be given dedicated login credentials to download their receipts or view the schedule of payments.

Progress Update

Progress Update of the project will be posted on to the web along with the pictures for the owners to get a glance.


Shree Kuberji Builders proud to announce that we are now

ISO 14001:2015 , OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 26000:2010 Certified organization.

Certification to ISO 14001:2015 demonstrates that our organization is committed to environmental issues and is proactively working to minimize its impact on the environment by producing less waste, in the way it treats and handles waste, in increasing energy efficiency and in its use of natural resources.

OHSAS 18001:2007 refers to implement a sound occupational health and safety management system, so we can reduce risks to personnel and put the right safety measures in place. The standard also looks at the best ways to improve and maintain occupational health and safety systems, while perform in line with the company's policy. By complying with OHSAS 18001: 2007, we can improve their overall working environment and the conditions of employment.

ISO 26000 shows that our organization is operating in a socially responsible way by doing several activities by an ethical and transparent way that contributes to the health and welfare of society.


Mr. Naresh Agrawal

Engaged in building construction line since 1986 Mr. Naresh Agrawal is a talented Entrepreneur. During his 20 years tenure,He has successfully developed more than 20 projects during the span of last 2 decades.

Having excellent managerial skills & capacity to manage technical aspect of the projects, he is for his preciseness & meticulous about each & every technical aspect of the building construction. Having a successful track record he provides guidance to all the activities and operations of Shree Kuberji Group.

Mr. Chandresh N.Patel - B.E.Civil

An Engineer graduate, with more than twenty years experience of Construction Industry Mr. Chandresh N.Patel looks after the developing aspects of Shree Kuberji Group.

He leads the company's management and development on site,services, Business strategy etc. With his enormous experience he supports the building plans of Shree Kuberji Group and executes them efficiently.

Dr.Dhirubhai Gangani

A Doctor by profession Mr.Dhirubhai Gangani carries a rich experience and expertise of Financial Aspects of the Business. Since 1990 he has been associated with Shree Kuberji Group and manages the financial matters as well general administration of the group.

Mr. Hemant N. Agrawal - B.Com

His efforts focus on the advanced cash flow management & financial arrangement and Sales Department which result into high speed growth of the group. He has built exceptional entrepreneurial acumen and has led several successful projects undertaken by the group.

Mr. Pratik S.Agrawal - M.E.(Mechanics)

He is Working As construction administrative assistant and helps executives roll out workplace initiatives, as well as administrate daily affairs.

In addition he helps to ensure that project contracts and bids are complete and filed on time. They may also be responsible for coordinating activities, such as workshops and meetings, off the job site. Depending on the size of the company, a construction administrative assistant may be responsible for training and supervising other clerical staff.

Mr. Bhaskar N.Agrawal

Sales marketing & Administration

Mr. J.P.Agrawal

Financial Advisor & Stake Holder

Mr. Natvar Harlalka

Financial Advisor & Stake Holder

Our Vision

To be the fastest growing property developers in the India region.


Uncompromising integrity, honesty and fairness will be at the core of everything SHREE KUBERJI BUILDERS does. Every Shree Kuberji Builders employee is a Brand Ambassador of the company.

Mission Statement

To be the partner of choice, provide value-added commercial and residential space and real estate solutions, surpassing customer expectations.

Focus On Performance

Shree Kuberji Builders is committed to superior performance in every project undertaken. Those who perform at the highest level will be suitably rewarded. is committed to superior performance in every project undertaken. Those who perform at the highest level will be suitably rewarded.

Mutual Respect

At Shree Kuberji Builders, everyone works together to deliver on the company's vision, by displaying openness, ensuring teamwork, inspiring trust and encouraging colleagues. The company does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, religion or caste. It believes in recognizing the contribution of every employee and holds one another mutually accountable for performing to the highest standard possible.

Our Objective

  • Know and exceed our customer expectations.
  • Grow through creating resource and efficient solutions.
  • Encourage entrepreneurial behavior among employees.
  • Exceed Stakeholder expectations.

Shree Kuberji Builders will continuously strive to achieve high standards through the use of advanced technology and the latest know-how to benefit customers / employees. It will innovate and thrive on challenges and accomplishments.

Focus On Customers

Shree Kuberji Builders is aware that delivering better customer satisfaction than its competitors is essential for sustained success. Everything the company does is aimed at delighting customers and ensuring their loyalty over the long term.

Quality control

We have Our in-house, soils and construction-materials laboratory to test soil, rock,Cement and concrete which validated to perform materials.

We analyze construction materials to see that products perform as designed. Soils, aggregates, rock, Portland cement concrete, mortar, grouts, masonry products, and RCC.

While these materials are commonly used in our constructed environment, many factors can affect its end performance, quality and ability to satisfy design - such as experience of the contractor, local materials and methods of construction.

Social Activity

Shree Kuberji Group has always firmly believed in giving back to the community and accordingly has been consistently dedicating resources to do its part for the welfare of the people. Listed below are some of our corporate social responsibility initiatives.

At Savera, Udhana
At Shree Kuberji Corporate House
At Shyam Awas, Bhatar

About Logo

Shree Kuberji Builders Logo signifies the Ultimate purpose and Single-most aim of world class development of commercial projects for every kind of users.

It represents the development of 3D space (shown by Building) with a auspicious RED and ORANGE color which bringing good luck. Everything that we do has to be in accordance with the larger benefit of our Society, Environment, and the People of India.

We, at Shree Kuberji Builders value Team Spirit and consider each employee a member of the Shree Kuberji Builders Family. As extension to our Eternal Mission, the logo is shaped as a Square, signifying Stability through Teamwork.

The Logo signifies our everlasting commitment to the nation in whatever we do.

This is who we are and what you can depend upon.

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